Architectural Control committee

ACC Improvement Request Form

Each property owner signed for receipt of a copy of Stone Valley Covenants and Restrictions at closing on their property and should have received a copy of them. The Covenants and Restrictions are in place to protect the property value of all homeowners.

The CC&Rs, in Article VII, Section 4 state that no improvement shall be erected, constructed, placed, altered (either by addition or deletion), maintained or permitted to remain on any portion of the Properties until plans and specifications have been submitted to the ACC and approved in writing.

The definition of improvement as defined in Article I "includes all structures or other Improvements to any portion of the Property, whether above or below grade, including but not limited to, buildings, recreation area, utility installations, storage, loading and parking facilities, walkways, driveways, landscaping, signs, site lighting, side grading, and any exterior additions including any changes or alterations thereto".

Drainage Issues:

It is important to note: Each property has setback lines of five feet down each side boundary and twenty-five feet at the back boundary. Nothing is allowed to be constructed within those setbacks. Changes or blockage within these setbacks can seriously affect the overall drainage in the sub-division.

These requirements are important to everyone's property values including yours. If you question whether your planned improvement will require a request submittal contact the ACC for information.

You can print the Improvement Request Form by using the link above. If you have questions for the Management company  (AMS) you can reach them through links on the request form. Thank you for your cooperation.

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