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important telephone contact numbers

Other Community Contact Numbers of Interest

emergency numbers

Police and Fire: for emergency only Call 911 otherwise use the numbers below for contact
San Antonio Police 227-7201
San Antonio Fire Department 227-8341
Bexar County Sheriff 270-6000
Bexar County Fire Department 828-3939
San Antonio Water System (SAWS) 704-7297
CPS/Gas and Electric 225-2574
Poison Control Center 1-800-765-7661
Street light malfunction, road obstruction etc. Dial 311

utilities serving Stone Valley

Electric (CPS) City Public Service 353-2222
Water San Antonio Water System (SAWS 704-7297
Trash Pick Up Allied Waste Services 648-5222
Cable Time Warner Cable 244-0500
Newspaper San Antonio Express News 225-5533
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