New Resident Gate Code Information

When the title company notifies the Stone Valley management company that you are the new owner of a property, they delete the codes of the previous owner. Once the gate form is completed the gate department can assign your 5 digit code for the gate entry and directory over the phone or in person. The new resident's name is also placed in the gate directory at that time. Residents do have the option of not having their name on the gate directory. If you choose not to be listed contact the management company at 829-7202 and ask to speak to William or Kenny in the gate department. You can also email them at William@ams-sa.com or Kenny@ams-sa.com. If you have any questions or problems with your code you can also contact William or Kenny.

 Remotes are sold in through the management company for a cost of $40. You can stop in to purchase a remote between the hours of 8am – 6pm. We are open over the noon hour as well.

Gate forms are available on the Stone Valley Website or at www.ams-sa.com. If you come in to buy a remote you can have the form completed and it will make your transaction a little quicker. Checks for remotes should be made payable to Association Management Services. Remotes include a 30 day warranty from date of purchase.


Gate Code Form


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