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e-mail address request

Your Stone Valley Board of Directors makes every effort to keep all residents informed and up to date on meetings, issues and happenings in the community. The new HOA legislation passed by the Texas Legislature requires that we have a valid contact e-mail address or phone number. We have some residents that have not provided a directory registration, email address or emergency phone number. Some residents have offered to help us collect the address we don't have. A neighbor on your street will be stopping by to ask for an e-mail address for our files. If you do not have e-mail please provide an emergency phone number. We do not share these addresses.

Transition Board Member

Ever given thought to joining the Board? Not sure how much time it takes or what decisions you might have to make that affect the community. We have an opening for a transition board member. The transition board member is appointed by the elected board, attends meetings, takes part in discussions and all board activities but does not attend the Executive board session or vote. If there is an unexpected vacancy on the board the transition member is ready to fit into that position. If you are interested or want more information contact a current board member or send a request through the contact link on the website.


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